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Holland America Flowers, LLC
Arroyo Grande, California

Benno and Klazina Dobbe came from Holland in 1980 to begin a new life. They brought a few suitcases and just enough money to buy a small farm. Planting started and there began a lifetime of growth. By 1986, another farm in California was added for growing lilies, freesias and other warm weather flowers. Now they are known around the world as one of the premiere growers of bulb flowers. One idea drives them; the love of growing flowers. It is a family business involving siblings, children and grandchildren. Benno takes great pride in his company and has won many prestigious awards. He is involved in every aspect of the business and represents flowers growers in political arenas to bring awareness of farming challenges to lawmakers. Employees feel a closeness as he treats everyone as family. Stop by and say hello!

To read more about Holland America and the family business, reference this article in the US Business Executive.


Added 2012/10/26 | Updated 2015/10/15
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808 Albert Way,
Arroyo Grande, California, 93420
United States