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Schusters Of Texas, Inc.
Goldthwaite, Texas

About Schusters of Texas

Over 50 years ago our family business started on our ranch supplying fresh mistletoe and drieds using the ranch name, Schuster Circle X Ranch.

As drieds increased in popularity, it was necessary for the business to move to a more metropolitan setting. At that time the company was known as Schusters Circle X Enterprises.

Sons Join In
More than halfway down the 50 year corridor, the company enjoyed the participation of maturing sons.

Schusters of Texas, Inc. Born
The time had come to incorporate as Schusters of Texas, Inc.

The Windmill
To reflect the companyís values the old Circle X Brand was replaced by a new corporate trademark, the windmill, a tireless and dependable, almost perpetual-motion machine.

This symbol is a reflection of our familyís tireless efforts to be an innovative leader with the determination to supply dependable, quality products.

When itís Schusters, you have the best!


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2109 Priddy Rd. (P.O. Box 97),
Goldthwaite, Texas, 76844
United States
325-648-2267 or 800-351-1493